2021 Photographer Policy

Thank you for inquiring about photography at our tree farm. In an effort to keep our great customer experience for the tree farm and work with local photographers for the much requested tree farm photo sessions, the following policy is in place.

Photographers are able to rent time in our tree farm for photo sessions on the weekends We are limiting photographers per day so it is best to book early.

Photographers must contact us to set up your requested date and if that date still has photography spots available to you, you can choose if you want a 1/2 day or full day rental. There is a fee to use the farm. Use of the tree farm for 4 consecutive hours is $100 total, to use the tree farm for anything over 4 consecutive hours is a $200 fee. We are not breaking down into smaller times or fees at this time. Of course we ask that photographers/clients are courteous to other our guests who are looking for the perfect tree! Upon approval of your requested date, a form will be sent to you for completion, return with your payment, requested date, and proof of business insurance.

Any unauthorized photo sessions that are taking place will be asked to leave immediately.

Any questions at all, or to see if your interested date is available, please reach out by email or the Facebook County Pines business page messages.