How soon do I need to get my tree into water?

You should place your Christmas tree into a stand with water as soon as possible after arriving home from Country Pines.

How important is it to have a tree stand that fits my tree?

It is very important to have a tree stand that fits your Christmas tree. You should not have to whittle away the sides of the tree to make it fit into the stand as that is the part of the tree that takes up the most water. To help cover your tree stand, visit our store where you will find a Christmas tree skirt which you can place over the stand.

I heard that drilling a hole in the base of the trunk helps the tree take up water. Is that true?

No, drilling a hole in the trunk of your Christmas tree will not help your Christmas tree with water uptake.

How can I keep my tree from drying out?

Keep your Christmas tree away from anything that radiates heat such as a fire place & use Christmas tree lights that produce low heat. Lowering the temperature of the room where you are displaying your tree can also help. Be sure to check the water level in the stand frequently to be sure that the water is never below the base of the tree. The use of a preservative solution (for sale in our gift shop) will aid in water uptake and therefore keeping the needles soft.

How do I know when it’s time to get rid of my tree & how do I get rid of it?

You’ll be able to tell when your Christmas tree is no longer fresh because it will no longer have that fresh smell that you’ve been used to smelling & the tree will appear dry. Once that happens, find a tree recycling center by typing in your zip code at www.realchristmastrees.org. Do not burn your real Christmas tree in a wood stove or fireplace. The use of a tree removal bag (also for sale in our gift shop) can help keep the mess to a minimum.

Fraser Fir Trees

These are the most popular of the Christmas trees. Their branches turn slightly upward and they have a very pleasant scent. This combined with their coloring, form and needle retention make them a great choice for your family Christmas tree.

White Pine Trees

These are the largest pine trees in the US. This is the Christmas tree choice for those who want a tree without the scent of Pine.

Scotch Pine Trees

These are favorites in Christmas tree selection because their pine needles don’t fall off when they get dry. These trees are bright green and have a great survival rate.